December 26th

I’m getting old and stupid. I implemented the log functions yesterday, but failed to provide the proper form. I used the following form:

Supply = a * log (price) + b

Where a and b are controlling coefficients. This didn’t seem to provide me with the results I wanted, and I fiddled around trying to get it right, without really remembering the dynamics of log functions. I figured it out overnight and spent an hour doing some spreadsheet experimentation to refresh my aging memory. Here’s a basic plot of log function dynamics:

Coefficient a controls the steepness of the rise; b moves the curve laterally and c moves it vertically. This permits me to arrange different supply-price curves to get the right relationships, with them all starting off with the same zero value at $4.00, the starting price for the game:

So I need THREE coefficients, not two. What a dummy!