Busy, Busy, Busy

The Knights of the Four S’s are now in full swing; it’s quite a task for me to organize their efforts but they’re a great team and we are making excellent progress. The last few weeks have been frenetic; almost everybody was waiting for me to answer some questions, make some decisions, write some documents, or write some code in order for them to get to work. I have now fixed most of the backlog and am at last able to take a moment to take a longer view.

My next big task will be rewriting the novel to reflect some of the changes to the Siboot universe made necessary by our deliberations. I must also make the novel read less like a textbook and more like a story, although I doubt that I’ll be able to take it far enough in that direction. 

Alvaro and Luc are interested in making a graphic novel based on the text novel. This sounds like a great idea, but we must get some of the other artwork done first.

This diary is no longer the primary repository of my design thinking. Most of that is now carried out in discussions among the Knights on our private discussion board.

The programming work has been intense. While taking a break from the coding work, trying to unwind, I threw together a cute logo for our team:

The biggest new idea is that we use sound to help communicate the mental state of the interlocutor.