A Sample Interstitial Story

Here is my first cut at a sample interstitial story. It should be readable with a bit of effort. Now the question is, is this good enough? The author can work with only three values: the actor’s affection, trust, and dominance toward the player. That bothers me.

There is one addition I could make to this: some sort of precalculation as to the desirability of choosing a particular interstitial story. For example, we might want to bring up an interstitial story that refers to the previous night’s dream combat, in which case it could not be used on the first day. Or perhaps an author would want to create a sequence of interstitial stories that must be experienced in the correct order — but if that happens, how does the author pass an output value from one interstitial story to the next? 

Once again, the idiot software I’m using for this website (Sandvox) makes it impossible for me to get a proper line height, so I’m just pasting a screen shot of the code: