February 6th, 2011

Ta-da! I have completed the analyses of all the data in my possession. This achievement was facilitated by the fact that much of data from the last camera, AR50R, was incomplete, so I didn’t have much to work with. Here’s the preliminary graph of counts per 5-minute period versus time:

Each of the four cameras is shown in the different color; the gaps in the data are obvious from the periods when the count is zero. The most striking thing about this graph is the much higher rate recorded by the green camera, almost twice that of the other cameras. Is this because the green camera was more sensitive than the others? Or perhaps because it was pointed at a “better region” of sky (not likely)? I’ll be checking into that.

Upcoming tasks:
1. Running the final version of the program on the first datasets, to insure that the sensitivity of the program hasn’t changed with the programming improvements.
2. Double-checking the green camera to verify that its higher rates are real.
3. Obtaining and digitizing videotapes of the data that I do not possess.