Women's Lib

circa 500 AD

"When he saw this, King Chilperic sent to ask for the hand of Galswinth, although he already had a number of wives. He promised to dismiss all the others, if only he were considered worthy of marrying a king’s daughter...Galswinth’s father believed what he said and sent his daughter to him with a large dowry. When she reached the court of King Chilperic, he welcomed her with great honor and made her his wife. He loved her very dearly, for she had brought a large dowry with her. A great quarrel soon ensued between them, because he also loved Fredegund, whom he had married before he married Galswinth...she never stopped complaining to the King about the insults which she had to endure. According to her, he showed no respect for her at all, and begged that she might be permitted to go back home, even if it meant leaving behind all the treasures she had brought with her. Chilperic did his best to pacify her with smooth excuses and by denying the truth as convincingly as he could. In the end he had her garroted by one of his servants."
---History of the Franks, by Gregory of Tours.