JCGD Volume 4

This year you can start to see the first indications of my growing frustration with the continuing pig-headedness of the computer gaming industry. I try to rationalize it away in "Portrait of the Gamer as Enemy" and "Reviewing the Reviewers". There are some solid technical ideas in "Synthetic Creations" and "A Graphics Trick". The best theory articles are "My Definition of Game" and "The Evolution of Taste". There’s some nostalgia in "My First Game Design".

Portrait of the Gamer as Enemy
Reviewing the Reviewers
The Self-Publishing Option, Part 2 (by Kathy Crawford)
My Definition of "Game"
The Self-Publishing Option, Part 3 (by Kathy Crawford)
My First Game Design
Synthetic Creations
Elementary Arithmetic Methods
The Evolution of Taste (aka The Four C’s)
A Graphics Trick
The Self-Publishing Option Part 3B (by Kathy Crawford)
The Evolution of Graphics
Another Year, Another Dollar
Modern Times
Types of Play by Evan Robinson
CGDC Survey Results by Evan Robinson
An Approach to Plotting for Interactive Fiction by Scott J