Me? Opinionated? 

Waste not, Trash not I spend too much time trying to recycle stuff

Contemptible Breeders I don’t like pet breeders

The Econonics of Colonization

Drab Heroes Movies these days don’t seem to have genuine heroes

Requiem for Jane a woman who never learned to love

I Disdain Groups

Random Questions a collection of questions that popped into my mind

Consumerism why are we so avid about collecting things?

Bedside notes a collection of short ideas inspired by my reading

One-Liners cute quotations from Chairman Chris

Opinionation a defense of strong opinions suitably justified

Fine Art You never knew I was a great painter, did you?

Dinosaurized A collection of essays in which I struggle with the walls closing in on me

How Much Should You Care About Grades? Advice for the student

The March of Progress A speculative future-history satire.

An Unethical Teacher A truly appalling case of gross educational malpractice

A Scholar of Sorts My pursuit of scholarship by breadth, not depth

Rejection of Science

Women Members of the Games Community


More on GamerGate

Selfies by Special People

A Different Take on Star Wars Episode VII

An Existential Controversy