My favorite subject: me

The Mirror-Realization a very odd experience in which I transcend myself
Sixty thoughts on my 60th birthday
Sixty One thoughts on my 61st birthday
Voice Recognition my bad hearing and great ability to recognize voices
Answering Machine Messages You’ve never heard these before
Music the evolution of my musical tastes
Behavioral Spoonerisms What Rev. Spooner did with words, I do with actions
Work Habits how I organize my time for maximum productivity
Schizophrenic I don’t just talk to myself; I argue with myself, and lose!
A Revealing Dream no deep messages, just the subconscious at work
Life Goals what I hope to get done before I die
Famous Ancestor my great^N grandfather was a famous person
My famous ancestor who came that close to becoming President of the United States
If I had a million bucks, what would I spend it on?
Frogger Rogger, my boon companion
My proposal for a course on How to Think.
A Visit to Lupron Land