From the nimble fingers and sagging keyboard of Chris Crawford
(about 700 web pages of material)

The Journal of Computer Game Design The first journal about game design

Interactive Storytelling

Technology essays on technology issues

Game Design miscellaneous essays on the art of computer game design

Design Diaries I write to myself while designing. Here are diaries for four of my games

Phrontisterion reports My conference on interactive storytelling

Erasmus the Hero Here’s why I think that Erasmus was the baddest guy ever

My Books brief descriptions of some of my books

Science bits and pieces on science

The Mind including a major hyper-document, The History of Thinking

Life In General random essays on irrelevant topics

Book Reviews I read a lot of books

Skunkies Really badly designed software

Little People Through History short biographies of people you’ve never heard of

From Laura Mixon, author and first storyworld builder of “Shattertown Sky”

Software for the Mac

Source code for old programs