The Conversation Cluster

I’m having problems with the conversation cluster:

Conversation Cluster3

The biggest problem is with the Verb ‘relate feelings’. This represents the act of Subject telling DirObject how he (Subject) feels about 4Actor. It’s an important component of conversation, but right now I’m relying too heavily on it. It’s great strength is that it can go on for a long time; each player has fifteen different versions to share. My intention is that players start off a conversation by gossiping about others with this verb, then move on to more serious business. But there’s too much clutter. I need another “idle chatter” verb. 

The ‘what’s new?’ verb provides some of that, but it needs more available content. Perhaps a “Who’s winning?” or “Who’s losing?” verb. Maybe a “How ya doing?” verb, which would elicit triumphant tales of success in dream combat, or sad tales of failure. 

I’ll try these out for size and see how they add up.