A Brutal Decision

The hardest decision to make in a design process is to rip out portions of the design. After having sweated the details of a portion of the design, destroying all that work can be dispiriting. But after long contemplation, I have decided to remove — for the time being — all aspects of the design related to lying. I do this because the problems are proving to be overly complex and I feel as if I’m getting lost in those details. 

There are only six verbs to be removed in this step, but they are central to a lot of other activity, so deleting them will greatly simplify the system. My expectation is that I’ll be able to get the whole thing up and running more quickly, and from there I can decide the direction in which to expand the system. At some point I shall probably restore the verbs associated with lying, but I won’t attempt that until I have already gotten the basic system operational.