Moods Versus Emotions

An emotion, in SWAT usage, is a pValue of an ActorTrait. However, I have in the past established no connection between moods and emotions. There are three predefined moods: Sad_Happy, Suspicious_Gullible, and Fearful_Angry. They do correspond directly to the three primary actor traits: Bad_Good, Faithless_Honest, Submissive_Dominant. But that correspondence is never made explicit in the code. I think that the time has come to make that correspondence explicit. This would take the form of an operator “MoodFromPerception” which would return the MoodTrait corresponding to the ActorTrait being perceived.

This opens up a new range of verbs: an actor can carry a mood for some time after having the mood instigated. For example, suppose that Skordokott yells at Zubi, making her sad. She could be visibly sad when next meeting with Caroonycorck; if Caroonycorck is perceptive, she’ll comfort Zubi. Lots of interesting interaction there. 

I shall want to increase mood relaxation times to do this. Also, I want to adjust mood and pValue simultaneously in the various “adjust” procedures.