First Thoughts on a Storyworld for Sappho

January 20th

Sappho is working well. There are just a few tasks remaining. I need to refresh the Exclusions panel after any Actor name change; and I need to build a completely new Run routine. Both are essential but I think that I’ll put them off for a little while. 

I need a good example storyworld to show new users how it’s done. I certainly can’t use the existing Siboot storyworld. I could try to use the Arthurian battle scene, but I’m not sure that it’s ideal as an example. It seems too narrowly focussed on a single relationship. I want something that utilizes all three relationships. 

I could fall back on the tried-and-true Gossip system. That brings in both Bad_Good and Faithless_Honest, but not Timid_Dominant. Is there some addition that I could make to the Gossip system that would bring Timid_Dominant into the picture?

What if I permit the player all three relationship expressions? That is, I like X, I trust X, and I fear X? Oops. That requires circumferential relationship material. Out of the question. Damn!

So, what could operate solely on intrinsic and radial relationships? What I need are encounters that permit the simultaneous adjustment of at least two relationships. Alternatively, it could be a matter of tree navigation…

Nothing is coming to mind. I’ll try again tomorrow.