Nailing down Details

January 10th

I have decided to proceed with the plan to add options to the reactions. One small hitch remains: the plies are not in order:

Ply #1: The initial story
Ply #2: The player’s reaction to the story
Ply #3: the character’s reaction to Ply #2
Ply #4: the next Encounter

I think, however, that this is acceptable; the player really doesn’t need to react directly to the character. 

So the next question is, will there be enough Encounters to provide rich play? Perhaps a solution is to have intermediate Encounters that are rather generic in style, each of which can have multiple descendents.

There may some implementation problems with this, but I think I can make it work. Here’s the plan:

Build the new window software
Modify the XML data structure to accomodate the new data
Modify the file software to accommodate the new data structure
Start building the new demo world

What could be easier?