Gordon Walton's Reactions

Top big take-aways

We still do not understand what interactive fiction will be, what the experience for the consumer will be like

We still do not have consensus on who will buy it or how it will be sold

There are still a lot of theories, but almost no working examples to model future work against

After several years of Phrontisterion, the amount of measurable forward progress in actualizing interactive fiction is depressing

Things that could have gone better
Spending more time against materials other than Chris’s book :)

Having a hands on session, or show-and-tell of the examples that were given

People writing their reports sooner (guilty!)

Not enough participation (attendance) from people that could potentially commercialize this medium

Not enough participation (attendance) from academics making advances in the medium

Things I really liked
As always the sitting under the trees format worked well

There was a uniformly high level of participation

Dinner on the bridge was awesome

Kathy and Chris were great hosts!