In July 2007, Kathy and I realized that our dogs Moose and Auggie were getting old, and that one would die within five years. We didn't want the survivor to be alone, and we also felt that any new dogs we get should be shown the local ropes by the old hands. Lastly, we figured that we should get a new dog while Auggie and Moose were young enough to keep the new pup in her place. So we decided that it was time to get a new dog.

We had pretty clear specifications: at least 60 pounds adult weight; short hair to easily shed burrs, which are dense in these parts; good intelligence and gentle manners. We went to the animal shelter to see if they had any dogs that met our specifications. We found six dogs there that met our requirements. We could have taken any one of those dogs and been quite happy, so the choice was a difficult one. We settled on Pookey because she seemed to be the most affectionate.

high energy dogs need high energy fuel

the flying dog

the Kissy Monster