Life Goals

September 7th, 2011

I have always had a clear vision of my basic goal in life: to leave the world a better place than I found it. Realizing that I have perhaps twenty years of productive life remaining, I thought it prudent to write down a list of specific goals that I wish to achieve before I am a doddering, drooling idiot (assuming that not to be already the case). Here’s that list:

1. Get Storytron working – absolutely my highest priority.
2. Hyperbook on why civilization must collapse.
3. Hyperbook. modernized version of “You Should Learn to Program”
4. Hyperbook on “How To Think”
5. Hyperbook on Information
6. Perseid project: organize a zillion people with smartphones, iPads, and laptops to record Perseids, then prepare a geographical analysis of the results
7. Build a geodesic sphere at least 3 meters in diameter
8. Reforest my land
9. Eliminate cinquefoil and yellow start thistle from my land
10. Publish new versions of all my ancient games.
11. Build house monitor computer system for water system protection, temperature recording, etc.

I think that I can get these things done in twenty years.