Plan of Action

Here is the plan for the addition to the Erasmatazz website that will present and preserve the Storytron technology. The purpose of this plan is to insure that the technology is not lost when I die. It will present everything about the Storytron technology so that, years from now, anybody could read through it all and apply any portions of the technology to their own project. This will require a great deal of material. I must first present all the theoretical ideas that underlie the Storytron technology, including the mathematical system. Then I must present the operation of the technology from a non-technological point of view, describing how it operates without specifying the program code. Finally, I will need to provide technical explanations, including code. I expect lots of hyperlinks.

One problem is that much of the material in the website will overlap material in the second edition of my book on interactive storytelling, published just four years ago. However, that book demonstrates the folly of publishing on paper. My impression is that it has sold a few thousand copies. I certainly don’t get much in the way of royalties from it. It is still in print. This poses a severe constraint. While I can present the same ideas presented in the book, I must not present anything close to the same text. I will review the book to refresh my memory of its contents, but I intend to re-organize the material, especially the theoretical material. Fortunately, I have the material from the Storytron website to use. That material was written by another person before I wrote the book. 


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