These are various videos in which I appear

ABC Nightline, 1981
Bits, Bytes, and Buzzwords, 1981
Video Visits, 1982
The Computer Chronicles, 1984
Incredible Technologies, 1987
Creativity and Game Design, September 1988
Fundamentals of Interactivity March 1989 Computer Game Developers Conference
Balance of the Planet, 1990
The Mystique of the Loop, March 1991, Computer Game Developers Conference
The Dragon Speech, March 1993, Computer Game Developers Conference
Revolution, March 1994, Computer Game Developers Conference
Subjunctivity October 1998 IDGA Los Angeles
portion of a lecture I gave at Animex at Teeside in 2006
Interview from GET LAMP, 2007
Into the Night with Jason Rohrer and Chris Crawford, 2009
The Future of the Computer as a Medium of Expression, May 13th, 2011
Interview May 13th, 2011
The Phylogeny of Play May 16th, 2011
lecture on interactive storytelling January 25th, 2012
Lecture on Innovation at GameLab in Barcelona, June 24th, 2015
ICIDS Copenhagen, December
Steamy Jimmy Interview
Lecture in France, January 21st, 2016
Lecture in Milan, Italy, early April 2017
Internet Chat with developers in Paris, September 2017