“I am a citizen of the world, known to all, and to all a stranger.” 

Chris Crawford’s Random Ruminations on Irrelevant Topics

Recent additions:

April 17th: From Typos to Checkos, an essay on the impact of spell-checkers on writing.
April 5th: an important essay in the History of Thinking: The Late Medieval Paradigm Shift
April 3rd: Coding is easy, design is hard
April 2nd: I was the first software evangelist back in 1981.
March 28th: book review: Inside the Neolithic Mind. Too woo-woo for me.
March 24th: more on deals in Siboot
March 23rd: how to combine means with different uncertainties
March 21st: Another Siboot essay: Why Should I Deal With You?
March 19th: An unethical teacher. A truly appalling case of educational malpractice
March 16th: a typical day’s work on Siboot

March 15th: a project plan for Siboot
March 14th: some technical problems with Siboot
March 10th: major milestone: the first run of the storyworld!
March 9th: book review: The Foundations of Science in the Middle Ages. Thumbs way up!
March 8th: A break in the logjam, and a decision to take the horny toad by the horns...
March 7th: book review: From the Tree to the Labyrinth, by Umberto Eco. Thumbs down...
March 6th: Siboot: Simplifying things right out of existence
March 4th: How should an actor react emotionally to gossip he hears?
March 3rd: Actor dream combat AI in Siboot.
February 28th: A miscellany of issues in Siboot
February 27th: Scripting gossip verbs in Siboot
February 25th: Do you know what the phrase ‘tar baby’ refers to?
February 24th: Circumferentiality Rears its Ugly Head
February 23rd: still stuck with Siboot
February 18th: A Brutal Decision for Siboot
February 14th: a political essay: Redistribution: Rights versus Security
February 12th: book review: The Kingdom Suffereth Violence, by Philippe Beneton. Don’t read it.
February 11th: at last, a new Siboot design essay: Back in the Saddle for the Umpteenth Time
February 9th: The Triumph of a New Computer, the Agony of Migration
February 3rd: The Structure of Mysteries, an essay on how mystery stories play with our minds.